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TRX, Yoga & Meditation

How to Buy Your BonoPack

There are a few options for you, but by far the best way to secure a place in a class is to download the PTminder app so that you can book and cancel classes on the go.

Or scroll down, create an account, pay and book directly from the website. Naturally we can help you with bookings if you call in and see us. 

Once you’ve purchased a BonoPack, make the most of 35 fun and challenging, weekly classes in TRX, Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation or Handstands with our best-in-the-business instructors.

Our Classes

TRX: Fit

Strengthen your heart with 45 minutes of  ‘against the clock’ cardiovascular endurance training. It’s a TRX workout designed to get you fitter faster. It ends with a 10 minute deep stretch. This class is super popular; get in while you can! Open to all levels. (en/es)

TRX: Strong

TRX strength training is low impact, safe and super challenging. This slow paced 45 minute ‘strength & technique’ session is like a traditional gym workout with a suspension loading and bodyweight twist. Class ends with a 10 minutes deep stretch. Open to all levels. (en/es)

TRX: Circuits

10 stations, 3 rounds of 10 gruelling minutes. Hitting your legs, back, chest, shoulders, core and cardio, this high intensity TRX workout pushes you to your limits to get the FITest you possible. An exhausting 45 minute workout followed by 10 minutes of stretching. (en/es)

TRX: Core & Stretch

Get ready to go HARDCORE! 30 minutes of TRX exercises on the floor to build your strongest core yet! We finish with a 20 minute deep and long stretching session to relax and unwind to a great soundtrack. A solid core needed. (en/es)

Handstands: & Flexibility

Ready to mix up your training and challenge your balance, strength and flexibility? The class is for beginner to intermediate and will teach you the fundamentals of balancing on your hands while strengthening your shoulders, hips and core. You’ll also work your active flexibility and improve body awareness. (en)


Acroyoga: for Beginners

Acroyoga is a fusion of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. It is a movement practice that is performed in pairs or groups and creates trust, self-confidence, and lots of laughter. (en/es)

Acroyoga: All Levels

Acroyoga is a movement practice that combines acrobatics, yoga, and thai massage. It is performed in pairs or groups and will help you build strength, flexibility, body awareness, and communication skills. This multi-level class is open to both beginners and intermediate acroyogis and will include progressions for various levels. (en)


Yoga: Power Yoga

A vibrant, energising, challenging and powerful class that will leave you feeling rinsed and revitalised. We’ll flow from pose to pose, utilising the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath. Expect to move, sweat and leave transformed! Modifications are offered for anyone and everyone. (en)

Yoga: Candle Slow Flow

A deeply powerful slow vinyasa flow class under candle light. The class may bring in some non traditional poses and sequencing to allow you to explore your body in a new way. Come and find strength with stillness and leave stronger, more grounded, and find freedom in letting go. Modifications are offered for anyone and everyone. (en)


Yoga: Deep Flow (es)

Clase dinámica y enérgica, centrada en vinyasa yoga a partir de las raíces de ashtanga y rocket yoga. Trabajamos diferentes asanas y fluímos con el movimiento y la respiración, combinamos fuerza y estiramientos, meditación en movimiento y equilibrio. Apta para todos los niveles, ya que se ofrecen modificaciones posturales para todos los usuarios. (es)

Yoga: Yin

Yin is a slower style of modern yoga. Each posture or asana, is held for a longer period of time, between 45 seconds up to five minutes or more. This allows you to soften the mind and the body, connecting these two in harmony (en)


Meditation: Insight

Also known as Vipassana, this meditation helps us unclutter the mind and be still in the present moment. It reduces anxiety and promotes calm within the mind and body. (en/es)

Meditation: Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness Meditation, also known as metta bhavana, this meditation places a focus on developing love and compassion for the self and all sentient beings. It cultivates a positive state of mind which helps us live more authentic lives with kindness and gratitude. (en/es)

The Studio BCN is currently CLOSED due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are ONLY running Virtual LiveStream classes via ZOOM.

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