Personal Training in Barcelona

In the Heart of the City

One Size Doesn’t Fit All…

That’s why we do detailed assessments and look closely at your needs and goals to tailor your program especially for you. We’re all about developing new, achievable and permanent habit change in the simplest way possible.

 We look at your exercise history, body type, lifestyle, food and hydration. We cater for everyone and also for those with pain histories, pre-and post-natal needs and athletic performance-focused individuals.

 Our trainers are fully certified and you can choose from TRX, traditional fitness, Yoga or a combination approach. 

Nutrition Coaching as Standard

As the saying goes you are what you eat. We may all want to eat healthily but knowing exactly how to on a day in day out basis gets complicated. Our Personalised Nutrition Coaching takes the guess work out of food and provides you with an explanation as to what your body needs and when.

I’ll sit down with you to analyse what you eat and suggest healthier options. We’ll create healthy eating habits that changes your relationship with food for the better.

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